Consolidating frequent flyer miles

03-Jun-2020 06:09

You can see the route maps for the two largest airline alliances here: Star Alliance Route Map One World Route Map Basic but very important fact: you can earn miles on any carrier in the alliance, and redeem them on any other carrier. The next step is to look at specific awards charts.Unlike route maps, there is no single “Star Alliance award chart” or “One World award chart”—instead, you need to find the one for the specific airline you’ll be using miles from, NOT the airline you plan to actually fly.You can get to Easter Island, one of the most remote places on earth, by paying thousands of dollars.Or you can use AA miles to book yourself down to Santiago or Lima and then over to the island. Airways miles, in fact, you can route your South Pacific award from North America via Asia, going through Thailand, Japan, or Singapore en route to your “real” destination.For example, Qantas belongs to the oneworld Alliance, so you can earn and redeem points with any of the partnered airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways and Cathay Pacific.In Australia, Velocity is one of the few loyalty programs that allows transfers with its partnered frequent flyer program, the Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer.As far away as it is (in the middle of the Pacific ocean, 2300 miles from Chile), it still counts as a “South America” award. You can go anywhere in the South Pacific for the same price in miles as going to New Zealand or Australia. Pretty much anywhere you want to go, miles can get you there.

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If you belong to more than one frequent flyer program, you may have wondered whether you can maximise your benefits by moving the points you’ve earned with one program over to another.

I’ve been traveling actively for ten years, and travel hacking for at least five…

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