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Net Framework 3.5 Summary: LINQ to SQL, a component of Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas", provides a run-time infrastructure for managing relational data as objects without giving up the ability to query.

It does this by translating language-integrated queries into SQL for execution by the database and then translating the tabular results back into objects you define.

2.2 The Data Context The Data Context is the main conduit by which you retrieve objects from the database and submit changes back.

You use it in the same way that you would use an ADO. In fact, the Data Context is initialized with a connection or connection string you supply.

The steps to update an existing entity are quite simple.

First retrieve an instance of the entity from the Entity Set), then edit the properties of the Entity and finally call Save Changes() on the context.

After you have executed the code, you can go ahead and physically verify the record in the database.

If the query executed successfully, you should see a new record in the Customers table of the Northwind database, as shown below: Update Objects in Entity Framework 4.0 As I mentioned earlier, objects attached to the object context are managed by that object context.

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Also notice in the code above, that we are accessing data as objects and properties.Execute the code and go ahead and check the record in the database: Delete Objects in Entity Framework 4.0 To delete an existing record, retrieve an instance of the entity from the Entity Set. When the Delete Object() method is called, the Entity State of the object is set to ‘Deleted’ Finally call Save Changes() on the context to delete the data from the data source.