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#コリーヌ・ベイリー・レイ (@Corinne BRae) もうすぐ来日✨ 東京・大阪の単独公演に加え、横浜で開催される #greenroomfestival にも登場🙌 5/23-24 (@billboardlive_t) 5/26 (@Greenroom Fes) 5/27 (@billboardlive_o) 彼女の楽曲をチェックして、ライブの予習をしよう 🔽 UUM5rnq Tonight on @BBCFOUR is me and @DJTrevor Nelson talking about soul music.

If it's half as much fun to watch as it was to do, then it will be a great show hope you enjoy! #naturalhair #afrovogue I'm overjoyed to have a tiny role in this incredible film "Funny Cow" starring @MPeake Official and I get to duet with @Richard Hawley!

Those warmly received selections included “Been to the Moon,” “Green Aphrodisiac,” “Stop Where You Are” and “The Skies Will Break.” Rounding out the 12-song show were faves from her 2010 second album (“Closer,” “Paris Nights/New York Mornings”) and her 2006 self-titled debut album (“Put Your Records On” and encore song “Like a Star”). Newly added dates in August and September include stops in Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, Boston, New York, Washington, D.

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They have been at the heart of the community fighting for equality, empowering BAME women, children and young people! Muy emocionada de presentarme en Noches del Botánico. PC89i4Y It’s such a pleasure to read @Funmi Fetto on “Why We Need To Change Our Hair Language” in @britishvogue. E7S I am honoured to be performing alongside @tracey_thorn on this beautiful song ' Sister'.

"We didn't want to offend the regular churchgoers." Performing in church broadened Bailey Rae's musical horizons, and her love for making music was solidified after the church youth leader offered to lend her the money for her first guitar.