Correctly dating a beuscher alto sax Chatrandom srbija

30-Mar-2020 19:29

The High (side) E key needs to be on there before the top stack. It is possible to put i in afterwords but it takes a slight of hand routine. Thanks music medic I have it all apart and laid out in somwhat of an order.So, if you forget the Front F, and you have assembled, you have to take off the E. I'll be ordering pads from ya soon as soon as I establish a PP account.Best of luck (dont forget to use the big hammer and chisel) Dave Thanks I was afraid someone was going to say that.I am pretty mechicinal so I don't think I'll have too much of a problem.

Music Medic's advice fits neatly on top of this basic approach.

Now Conn used grubber screws to keep the rod screws nice and tight. It took me two days on hands and knees to find them by feel.

My wife wanted to hoover the room and domestic tensions were running high. Thanks for the post bmsj I ordered the pads and the repair kit from music medic. I put the horn back together ,a test to see if I would run into problems. This forum is woth a million dollars for the novice.

Following the advice of music medic it went back rather smoothly. There is a wealth of information and I thank all you guys.

btw - - My TT has missing snaps, snaps that somone bent to make fit and some pads that are glued. The ones that are snap-ons I leave alone if I can get replacement snaps, the others I'll make a note and use the standard metod of putting the pads in. It's quite amazing what people do to Bueschers and their snaps over the years.I respect my horns all the more for getting such an intimate view of their workings. Side E G# button Front F (if it's a later one) Chromatic F# Alt/Eb.

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