Courtesan sex chat

24-Feb-2020 20:20

Escorts aren’t something I normally use because usually they’re expensive, you pay a premium for the convenience of a girl being delivered to your place, and are risking the pictures not matching her appearance.

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Maybe they’ll come back over off the clock and it’ll end up cheaper.

Although if you’re concerned about STDs that’s good.

But I tried escorts in Bangkok and Manila to see how it’d go and get material for blog posts.

Since I was paying 7000 and we’d met before I asked to do certain extra things we hadn’t done before. They explained they are reluctant to send girls to condos of local guys.

They do accept local guys staying in 4 and 5 star hotels though.

Manila Courtesans don’t list what services the girl does, which is a shame. whether they do anal, cum in mouth, cum on face, rimjob, couples, costumes, etc.