Cpanel email quota not updating

22-Apr-2020 07:41

This increases the disk space usage and is completely useless.So it is often recommended to clear the mailbox of the default mail accounts. See our UK Virtual Private Servers from just £9.99 Just login to your c Panel account via SSH if your hosting provider provides SSH access.This quota was set when you created or modified the email account in c Panel and can be set to be unlimited or to a fixed size.

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These directories will be recreated by c Panel once you delete it.

You’ll have to give it some time (15 minutes by default) for the c Panel cache to update and you might need to logout and login again to see the updated quota.

This is an alternate way to clear the default mail account if you don’t have SSH access.

In every c Panel account, there is default mail account in the name of the c Panel username.

This mail account is not meant for normal emailing purposes.

ssh -p port [email protected]_or_IP Provide password when prompted. Change the current working directory to the mail directory.

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