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16-Feb-2021 23:33

Moreover, great interest in paleontological objects such as prehistoric insects or plants caused the rise in the production of fake amber inclusions, where common insects are sealed in falsified amber or in copal and sold as genuine prehistoric artifacts. How to be sure that your piece of the “Gold of the North” is authentic and not just a plastic fake?

Although there are various tests to help recognize true amber, it is generally not so trivial, especially with the modern methods of “enhancement” of amber.

Glass and hard resins also cannot be scratched with a fingernail at all. Scratching test When scratched with a knife or sharp needle, amber forms small splinters and minuscule chips, while synthetic plastics do not splinter. It is best to make a scratch it in a concealed place, for example inside the bead hole. Hot pin test This is a commonly advised test for amber.

The tip of a needle is heated with a lighter or a match.

Even the most experienced specialists can be mistaken, as happened to the experts at the British Natural History Museum, who recently discovered that a bee preserved in amber believed to be one of the oldest known examples of this particular species was in fact a fake and probably no more than 150 years old.

There are several systematic methods to differentiate true amber from the imitations, each of them based on certain specific property of amber: 1. Specific gravity of amber is only slightly higher than that of water (1.05 - 1.1 g/cm3), which means that it cannot float in fresh water, but does not sink in saturated salty water.It is unique and beautiful and can be quite expensive when the pieces are exquisite, or contain rare organic inclusions – insects or plants, which are extinct for a long, long time.

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