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But do I recommend going to Cuba, just to meet the most beautiful girls? And many of the tourist girls find it exotic and romantic to meet a Cuban man- it’s part of the adventure, and the validation of being the prize feeds their egos.As for women in the clubs, they’re mostly prostitutes. So I’d rate the night life as poor, and I’d recommend you meet a Cuban girl during the day, and then take her out at night for dancing.But if you specifically want *Cuban* girls, you’re almost better off finding them Miami neighborhoods like Hialeah, Kendall, and Little Havana. On the upside, Cuba is very multiethnic with a lot of diversity and variety.They’re hotter for the most part, and you’ve got the convenience of the United States. You’ll find white Latinas, brown (mixed) Latinas, and black Latinas. Some of the venues are full of tourist girls getting hit on by legions of horny Cuban men, and many of them have some game from tons of practice and trial and error.

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Tourist dollars represent big dollars to the Cuban government, so the police give tourists extra protection—the police crackdown extra hard Cubans hassling a tourist.

So many things are not as cheap as you’d expect them to be, as the Cuban government is keen on milking every dollar they can get.

As a result, hotels, food, and drinks at the better facilities cost just as much as in Western countries.

The city is falling into decay and disrepair and many of the cars are from the 1950s.

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You don’t see shop signs or neon lights, and it’s almost hard to locate the stores since they don’t advertise in any way.

The government now allows a Cuban family to rent out one of their extra bedrooms to tourists, and often the family will cook for you.