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30-Jun-2020 23:23

When I know what I can give, I give what exactly what I can and no more/no less. Throw in missing your children or other special people for the first time (or every time?

Relationships feel much lighter and easier when one tends to his or her own boundaries, accept the other’s best self as is, and keeps principles in mind. It’s taken me years of learning and preparation to begin to show up with clarity of loving presence to the people in my life. ) and holidays take on new meaning as you navigate your new life.

I’m super excited to bring my experience as a therapist to coaching people through their divorce, after a spouse dies, and/or dating in the modern world.

#sex #dating #divorce #fiercelife @fierceliferetreats It’s so magical feeling, that no one’s got a hold You’re a catalyst to your own happiness you know Cause it’s your heart, it’s alive It’s pumping blood It’s your heart, it’s alive It’s pumping blood And the whole wide world is whistling... NONONO Pumpin Blood) ################ Yes, there is life (and love) after divorce. 💖 #coachingthed #fiercelife #divorce #adventuremama #chaseyourgoat #goat #trailrunning Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.

-Osho- #iceland #goatworthy #vestrahorn #southeasticeland I’ve been reflecting on time during this trip to Iceland.

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It requires effort to keep one’s boundaries well tended and intact. If one loves, one will be loved but not all the time. Perhaps the highest form of loving is, through all the emotional excitement of togetherness, simply to be able to maintain a separateness that focuses on being the best self one can be and defining that self, while remaining in calm, thoughtful, meaningful contact with the other, accepting the efforts of the other at being the best self he or she can be over time.” - Roberta Gilbert, from Extraordinary Relationships .

—————— #progress #alwaysmovingforward #perspective #lifeafterdivorce #loveafterloss #loveafterdivorce @fierceliferetreats #whitesandsnationalmonument #newmexico Why wait around for some other time to be exactly who I am, doing exactly what I want to do? And that, my friends - is the whole point of breaking.

————————— @fierceliferetreats #fiercelife #fiercelove #datingafterdivorce #datingafterloss #newmexico #adventuremamas In an instant, you will look around and realize nothing is what it used to be, and for that you will be grateful. “The most loving that one can be may at the same time be the most difficult way of being, requiring the best that is in one.

* Life is what it is because of every choice you made, even the choices that sounded terrible or frightening at the time. I’m still me, still doing my thing here and still loving the complexity of life and the outdoors.

Those choices will bring you to a greater and clearer sense of yourself. #joinme #love #sex #dating #loveafterdivorce #fiercelifeandlove @fiercelifeandlove #mtbaker #chainlakes #pnwonderland #backpackingmom I haven’t been posting much, and I attribute my quiet to getting injured last month right before a dance performance.

While I know these times can be challenging, and regardless of whether it’s a kid or non-kid holiday for me, I find great empowerment in looking for new traditions, time for self-care, and reconnecting with important people in my life.

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