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We had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with her about growing up in a sleepy tourist town, how a Facebook group full of future stars changed her path, and how life is different in the year since “OK Cupid” blew up.Be sure to catch her on tour with Danny Brown this month in a city near you.Before I got to Deluxe, in the basement of Old National Centre (known more popularly by a much better name, the Murat Shrine), I expected a similar setup to all of my work at Klipsch: I would be able to shoot the first three songs in the pit right in front of the stage. To compensate, the event handler I talked to said I could walk onto the edge of stage left, and I also found an elevated part of the room by the bar where I could shoot over the crowd.So, despite the inconsistent-to-nonexistent light (and my D300, which by no means has the best sensor in low light), I found enough good photos for another of David Lindquist's photo-story reviews.The rapper quickly gained recognition, and has gone on to collaborate with artists such as Riff Raff, Hot Sugar, and Danny Brown.

“It’s just me talking softly and being sweet over a beat,” Kish says of her style.Age: 22 Rise to Internet fame: Kish started off rapping as a joke; her old roommate, rapper Smash Simmons, had a home studio set up in their apartment where she would sometimes mess around and drop rhymes, the reports.After meeting at a party, Kish showed Simmons’ friend Matt Martians of The Super 3 (the psychedelic hip-hop duo with Hal Williams, also known as The Jet Age of Tomorrow) a few songs.Additionally, Kitty leaked a separate new track, “285,” earlier this week.

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“285,” which was produced by Pinkie Pie Swear, pays tribute to recently closed Brooklyn, N. venue 285 Kent, and is expected to appear on Kitty's forthcoming full-length debut. Check out announcements from Kitty and The Ready Set below, and keep an eye out for their collaboration in the coming months.The imagery eventually veers off into Kish half-laughing, half-seriously describing murdering her ex, and yet it still somehow manages to sound adorable. “Yay making music today with fun peopleee” she tweeted on Sunday.