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29-Apr-2020 22:10

The main part of the work has been focused on the subject of Traffic and Travel Data Models.The technical description provides a very clear distinction between platform independent modelling aspects (PIM) and platform specific modelling aspects (PSM). In each case, a clear distinction between the data modelling (referring to traffic domain) and the data exchange specifications (referring to information and communication technology) were introduced.DATEX II was designed and developed as a traffic and travel data exchange mechanism by a European task force set up to standardise the interface between traffic control and information centres.

DATEX II was not intended to be a rigid set of specifications, but rather one that allowed a degree of choice and one that was able to evolve to allow stakeholders to exchange additional new types of information in the future.It should be noted that many of the original signatories were participants in the Euro-Regional projects which form the EU deployment programme for ITS, know as the TEMPO Programme, involving more than 80 organisations from 14 Member States and three neighbouring countries.

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