Dating a computer programmer

04-Jun-2020 05:58

Create an open, honest and tolerant atmosphere and rules where people can resolve diverse opinions and approaches stemming from the different personalities. A diverse, self organized and balanced team with right personalities is not panacea from all the problems, but it substantially increases chances for the overall success.This is a quintessence and the most powerful tool of the diverse team – finding effective balance between different views for the particular people, project and situation: Stability vs. And, don’t forget to appreciate the gift, the nature gave to us, to become great software creators – our personalities :).Therefore, we should look for the optimal combination of traits in different people, which compliment each other. The team could be infected by one or few of the problems I’ve started the post with: constant stress, overconfidence, groupthink, building dream castles, fighting with each other, lost focus and many others.Minimal requirements for the software team member: 3. While we could blame our customers, ugly problems, bad managers or crappy technologies and tools for the problems, our personalities are often the very reason for the problems with our software projects.And often you’ll need opposite personalities (I’m against hiring people with multi personal disorder to solve this problem :)). The best outcome is than people effectively resolve these views, make optimal decisions and become comfortable with them.

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However, when resources are abundant more cautious birds were more likely to survive.

Morale is that our evolution preserved different personalities for the good reason.

They help us to survive and advance under various unpredictable conditions.

Empirical research shows five broad dimensions of personality: What are the best personal traits for the programmer?

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Before answering this question, I want to mention research of rudimentary personality traits in wild animals.Apple Computer, Inc Act-1International Business Machines (IBM) Corp.

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