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In fact, I'd spent a good deal of my romantic life doing what I can only call dating in bed.But I couldn't help what-iffing: What if that first night, I'd hung up the phone and gone to sleep (alone and, yes, a little horny, but giddy about what might happen)? I'm not bragging, but he took our breakup hard.The longer you wait, Atwood says, the clearer your sense of where you stand with him is, which helps you decide what you want to do next.Hey, maybe you'll go for the sex anyway, but you'll both know better what lopsided thing you could be getting into.

In either case, we're off balance instead of being in that relationship comfort zone where both parties desire each other in roughly the same way and to the same degree.

Sexual arousal triggers surges of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine and the hormone oxytocin, which stimulates feelings of attachment and love. Levkoff names some that she frequently hears: to keep him interested; to be publicly recognized as "in a relationship"; out of habit; because you need a man (any man) to validate your attractiveness.

These are motives we don't always admit to ourselves, she says.

She'd often slept with guys right away, and the experiences proved to be so-so because "there wasn't that feeling of togetherness."Bonding has awesome benefits, says Laura Berman: "Research shows that the number-one component of women's sexual satisfaction is not orgasm; it's connection to the person they're with." The more connected you feel, the better the sex will be. I already know he's really attracted to me and desires me.

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For Christien, this closeness makes for amazing sex because she allows herself to offer and enjoy a full-course experience that includes kissing and oral sex. I can be relaxed, funny, awkward, all of it—my most comfortable, sexiest self."What about those women who get busy right away because sex is a part of their mate-appraisal process?

"Look ahead and think, OK, this feels wonderful, but where will we be tomorrow or the next day? D., Laura's sister and codirector of the Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA, suggests a practical technique for avoiding impulsive decisions: "In the midst of a potentially risky situation, develop a habit of asking yourself, Do I care if this guy never calls me again?

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