Dating a man with baby mama drama pirate dating game

04-Oct-2020 06:12

If you don’t get along with the children’s mother, do more praying than talking. The bible tells us to love our enemies as ourselves.Let God handle it and you let your light shine and keep your mouth closed!! I’m not saying your partner’s baby’s mother is your enemy but sometimes it may feel that way!Confess that she is a good mother, she is patient and kind, she has the fruits of the spirit.Don’t call her “the crazy or evil baby’s mama.” Don’t say, “me and my husband are gonna kill each other if he don’t do something about that woman.” Speak those things that be not as though they were.We win people to Christ by our love walk and example shown in front of them.So no matter what happens, don’t curse her out and get ignorant with her, that will ruin your witness. Confess good things over her, the baby, as well as you and your spouses’ relationship with her.If she’s jealous, neglectful, angry, aggressive, rude and immature, you are in for a challenge BUT nothing is too big for God. To the ladies that are baby’s mama’s, please know that I’m not saying all BM’s are mean and rude.

Since you’re praying that the relationship between your partner and the mother gets better, you must believe that God hears you and things are changing in your situation.Don’t let the pressure of the mother being his ex or the child’s mom rock you from being confident in your relationship. No man wants an insecure woman Don’t compete or compare yourself to her. Who really cares if the parents aren’t best of buds!As long as everyone is respectful and doesn’t speak ill of each other in the presence of the children, nothing else really matters.Having a partner with children can be very challenging for many reasons but today’s topic is baby mama drama.

If your partner’s baby’s mama is mature, understanding, a good parent or if she has a relationship with the Lord, that’s awesome and you should consider yourself blessed!!

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