Dating a old tricycle

15-Nov-2020 10:52

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Hours and hours of painting are on display here, and it is clear to us that Ken could not have been paid adequately for his masterful brush work. A hundred years ago, having the latest features on your bike meant that it had a coaster brake (instead of a fixed gear), not that it had hydraulic disc brakes.

Jeff showed this bike to a local artist who has done some amazing paint and striping jobs himself (like on our Paramount tandem), and he was taken aback. The latest in puncture protection and/or tubeless tires?

A dashboard fitted with an odometer, speedometer, and a clock were standard.

A luggage rack with an integrated tail light was considered super high-tech.

Campagnolo attempted to revive that idea with their own version in about 1995. The CAE features a New Departure coaster brake hub (that part is from Connecticut) and some really narrow pedals that squeeze the sides of a size 9 foot.

By the way, Sager made seats that were pneumatically adjustable for plushness in the 1890’s.

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A huge portion of the bicycles that were being built during the 1890’s came out of Ohio. Hercules bicycles (not to be confused with the English Hercules brand of the 20th century) made their bikes in Cleveland. The paint is more ornate than what would have been original, and it is fairly likely that the same painter who worked on our purple Malvern Star, a man named Ken Dickie, did the marvelous detail work on this bike.Bicycles are the lasting heritage of the Columbia brand, but motorcycles were produced until 1918, and automobiles (some of them electric) rolled out of the Hartford factory until 1914.

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