Dating a vampire 101

10-Feb-2021 16:47

A Shadowhunter may choose only one parabatai in their lifetime and cannot perform the ritual more than once.

Like the marriage bond, the parabatai bond is broken only by the death of one of the members of the partnership.

Clave: The collective name for the political body made up of all active Nephilim.

All Shadowhunters that recognize the authority of Idris make up the Clave.

Silent Brothers: The Brothers serve as the keepers of lore and knowledge.

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A thousand years ago Raziel bestowed the tools to accomplish this task.

It’s capital, and only city, is Alicante, and is where the Council resides, and where Clave meetings are held.

Iron Sisters: The Sisters design and forge weapons for the Nephilim; they are the keepers of , the holy metal given by Raziel to use.

Consul: The highest appointed official in the Clave—the equivalent of a prime minister, rather than a king or president.

They wield little executive power but rather serve to preside over the Council, to officially tally its votes, and to help interpret the Law.Some Marks are applied to the bodies of Shadowhunters, and some are applied to physical objects.

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