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22-Dec-2020 01:51

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“In the beginning, you might get frustrated that I am not getting big roles, but later you realise that it’s a process. That’s what helped me because I never been to any acting school.”And then came the moment to actually sharing the screen space with Salman Khan.“We see him as a superstar on screen, but when I met him he turned out to be a beautiful human being. He asked about my diet, gave me tips on body transformation.Watching Indian films helped immensely.”He adds, “I went to Turkey after finishing schooling in UAE. By the time I landed in India, the character Abu Usman had already taken shape in me. I started sending mails, making videos and began to think in Hindi. I was working for 10 hours a day on laptop for almost a month. I knew the names of some big casting directors, but when you don’t get replies for a long time, you don’t expect it to be real.”“She called and said ‘I am Shanoo’ and I liked your audition. She said we want you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. When it arrived then only I realised it was Shanoo Sharma.In the media, Malhama Tactical has been called the first jihadist private military company (PMC). Assad’s army and its allies will eventually attack, no? Q: Why would you not like to work for Hurrās ad-Dīn, even now there is a general agreement between Hay’at Tahrir as-Sham and Hurras ad-Din? A: My apologies but I cannot tell you, we don’t want to cause any Fitna (discord between fighting groups). Q: Some final questions on Malhama Tactical as an organization, if I may. Who can apply to become a trainer and what are the requirements they would need before getting hired?In 2017, Foreign Policy dubbed the group “The Blackwater of Jihad”. A: Maybe they will attack, but I don’t know when exactly. Do you think Hay’at Tahrir as-Sham (HTS) will cooperate with the other groups? And honestly speaking the Mujahidin are already united, there is only Faylaq as-Sham, a bigger group, that chose not to affiliate with HTS. I’m not speaking about the Olive Branch or Euphrates Shield operations. What kind of training do you provide, beside weapons training?Kill them and spit in their faces and run over them with your cars.

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Lately it has been particularly prominent in Idlib, training among others German jihadists and an elite unit of Hay’at Tahrir as-Sham, previously known as al-Qaeda’s representative in Syria, Jabhat an-Nusra.We recently build new professional shooting ranges. One last thing; I asked you a few months ago, after I forwarded you this article if these rumours were true. A: TV Jihad, pro-Russian FSB public Q: What do you think about this investigation? Do you think FSB and Russian military will increase the hunt for you and other members of Malhama Tactical?

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