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Or maybe it will even motivate her to try to fix her own insecurity.For example, if she’s insecure about her big butt, she might just sign up at the gym and start doing squats. Then, once she’s felt that the guy has invested enough into her she’ll disappear.And here’s the funny part – it works best on the guys with huge egos.Her emotions are like a hurricane: as soon as they comes, they can also be gone.And a guy wants to believe that he’s going to be the one who tames her, that she’ll be his domestic Debbie.The guys she dates are good looking, successful, and usually, they fall hard.

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She’s sexy enough that she can make them work hard to get her – fancy meals, tables and bottles, whatever she wants, really – and once they’ve invested enough and then “won”, it becomes part of their ego that they’re dating the girl who everyone else wants but who no one can have.Moment to moment, she seeks constant emotional and physical stimulation in the form of drugs, sex, cigarettes, text flirting with guys, etc.And unlike most of us, she’s able to get away with this because, well, she’s a hot girl in New York City who knows how to play the game. She’s out two to four nights a weeks, sometimes hitting multiple clubs at once, and she’s always at the best and hottest new club.It is important for her ego that the men she’s dating have certain qualifications.

And as she starts dating a man, she’s full of push-pull.She might worry that someone will come and snatch you away from her, for example.