Dating an older divorced man with children

08-Oct-2020 15:21

I've never felt like this, so it's hard for me to turn my back on it just because they aren't happy with it. Coming from experience, it is really up to you if it is worth it. I feel ill about it all now and am deciding if I can, and will it always be like this. I want to be married and possibly have kids of my own. I don't want to be in the same place I am now a year from now and I'm really worried I will be. Guy, I appreciated reading the other post you send.

It will put a lot of strain on your relationship and sometimes it is EXTREMELY hard to deal with. But, I know my boyfriend is not staying at his ex's house. He was separated, living in separate places, for a little over a year.

We live together, and we have the kiddos half of the time. Maybe he's worried about how you'll feel about the kids, or vice-versa. I was getting over an abusive relationship and my mom passing away. He was always busy with his kids, he ignored our son to be with his other kids. His family never accepted me, because they were so close to his ex wife. i know every situation differs..the fact remains the same..has priorities other than you. I think sometimes women settle because we dont think for some reason we arent going to get anything better, past hurts low self esteem etc.

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I feel that if he loves me like he says he does then he should feel and do the same. I think that being with a divorced guy with kids really depends on the situation. I include him in all aspects of my life: I got him on my softball team, he's met/hung out with my friends multiple times, he's met my family, I invite him everywhere. I am dating a man with 2 sons from his ex-wife and a daughter with his ex-gf.The relationship you have with your kids is not the same as the one you have with your spouse.Remember who are you sleeping next to at night and how important is that to you.Correct me if I'm wrong, but he has been doing this for eight months. Apparently I've never seemed this happy before -no one can discourage anything that breathes new life into you like that. I can sense his hesitations in marriage and that sort of thing.

What reason does he have for not doing it for eight more? Let them feed off your positive energy & be sure to mention what an admirable, inspiring man you have -yes, as much as possible, even if their stares become ice cold and their words fade into silence... I do understand where he is coming from, although I also definitely understand where you are coming from. For him, it is probably easy to get into the routine with just his kids (not that he is trying to set you aside). I really am so confused what to do It's like reading something I have written....He wanted to be 100% sure that I was right for his familym, not just him. I tried everything to make it work I married him, and we eventually had a son.

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