Dating antiques by patent number

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Often looking at the piece will determine the difference. for the Larkin Soap Company would be an example of this.A third type of number sometimes found on collectibles but more often on labels attached to same, is a trademark registry number, or numbers. Many bottles have the words "Patent Applied For," "Patented," "Trademark," or "Design Patd", "Copyright." Some time a date will appear, or a number which can be looked up in the .Tables listed here tell how to decode the mark to learn the type of material, month, maker, and year of manufacture.To obtain more detailed information, contact one of the following offices or visit their websites: Both offices will research designs for a fee. Here are some notes to help date any piece that bears an English registry mark.The diamond-shaped English Registry mark, was used by the English patent office since 1842 to identify pieces of English pottery, porcelain, and other products. The mark has the Roman numerals "IV" at the top of the mark if it is for a ceramic. Marks registered from 1842 to 1867 have a letter at the top of the diamond.Marks registered from 1867 to 1883 have a number instead of a letter at the top of the diamond.A diamond-shaped registry mark was used between 18.

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Descriptions of these can be found in the Official Gazette .The purpose of a registered trade mark was to grant exclusive right to a coined, fanciful, suggestive, or "inventive" mark. The table shown below gives the numbers that were assigned to Patents, Designs, and Trademarks up to 1940. The law governing Trademarks went into effect in1872, but several were issued prior to that date.The law gave certain rights to individuals who registered a design, or name for a period of twenty years, after which time they were renewable.The table shows that by 1900 over thirty-three thousand had been issued.

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Design Patents became patentable in the year 1842, the first one was granted for a style of printing type.For each entry in the Official Gazette there is information about the product and person requesting the patent, design, trademark or label.