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25-Dec-2020 09:10

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Been talking to a circle of friends, we all have SO and have been out of the dating scene for a long time; when we mentioned about dates (movies, dinner) – the female in our group laughed and told us that those are the OLD ways, now – they prefer to do something else.. Dinner / drinks / coffee / art gallery or some pop up market seems to be the go to or even just a walk around a park with a coffee.

Especially for first / second dates when you just want to chat / see whether you like them or not.

If they want adventure dates it sounds like they want an experience and are 'not that into you'. You can buy a little treat – like a single Rose from a vendor while you are out on one Yep – I pretty much agree with this whole post!

Confidence (don’t confuse this with arrogance), initiative and charm are qualities that generally set guys apart.

Dating nowadays, I don't know if these girls are just making it more complicated then it should be.. I remember the dinner, movie, going bowling etc; but I was always taught to bring something to the date.. And generally chasing in a way that makes them feel special (a wink, a flirt, but certainly not too desperate or available) If you don't have these abilities naturally, practice.

Asking girls what they want to do on dates is certainly not it...

And with that knowledge I look at my cousins and their failing relationships, marriages etc.... People putting up with terrible behaviour from their "partners" (not sure how you can apply that label to someone who gives you so much grief) and they – presumably – think it's just a normal part of life, dealing with rubbish that another person puts on you. I'm guessing what your female friends as saying is they are looking for someone with shared interests/lifestyles not just someone who will provide for them whien they are an obedient housewife Lol @ flowers. Just a casual dinner and stroll afterwards in the park or around the mall is what I've done and it's worked.

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You're making it all too complicated: Look at our celebrity culture and see 'who's' in: Kardashin's/Insta-famers: dirty videos, terrible lifestyles and personalities AFL/NRL hero's: Generally have no social standards, treat women like pin cushions I been with my SO for a long time so it was something I never thought of..

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