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After 1955 the chamber stamp was optionally in metric, e.g. The gauge size is now shown as a decimal part of an inch although .729 became .728 from 1986.

All proof being nitro unless otherwise stated the new service pressure was stated in tons.

Understanding British Hallmarks The 8 hallmarks that guarantee the quality and value on UK Assayed products.

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On o/u barrels some marks will normally be found on or near the flats and those for the upper barrel on one or other side of it.

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With choke boring by constriction in its infancy and such barrels not necessarily being capable of dealing with solid ball ammunition, the breech and muzzle measurements were stated and the fact that the weapon was unsuitable for use with ball.

Hallmark date stamps on silver, gold, and platinum for the Offices of London, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Edinburgh from 1678 – 1974 London Dated Hallmarks from 1678 – 1974. Dating UK Hallmarks See all the main dated hallmarks from the UK since 1678 International Hallmarks How to identify the international hallmarks on gold, silver and platinum products.

Rare Gold and Silver Hallmarks Hallmarks used for events, dates or hallmarks that are no longer made.

Recess choking, where the breech and muzzle were of the same size but enlargement just before the muzzle gave an alternative form of choking, was marked slightly differently by a similar size measurement followed by the work CHOKE, e.g.

12B/12M CHOKE although occasionally the muzzle measurement has been seen as 13M.

The word CHOKE was first used to indicate its presence and to distinguish the correct nominal size of the weapon and its ammunition, the diamond mark was introduced.