Dating browning firearms

16-Jul-2020 15:00

Mark 1-979-826-3277I don't have the B2000, but sent a A-Bolt 300WSM in for trigger repair. With a 12 gauge I have seen it twice with somebody somehow getting a 16 gauge shell into the mix. The trigger was broken during a glass bedding job :oops: The browning trigger is a cast part, no longer machined steel. Carter's Country sent 3 guns in for trigger repair during the same week! photo=8840&cat=500&ppuser=2322 I would hate to hunt with this guy...everything would be dead before I get off a shot. These are just small enough to chamber and pass down the bore a ways. B-2000 Automatic 1974 D 20 Gauge C 12 Gauge E 28 Gauge G .410 Bore Dating Browning Firearms Post 1958 Manufacture This dating system is for Browning firearms manufactured after 1958. Unless you are talking about a standard double feed where the chamber does not close and somehow it went off anyway. My son was shooting low brass federals which were brand new. Out of the corner of my eye I saw white smoke and heard a weird almost muffled sound. That is still scarey but caused by a different problem. I would appreciate it if you were able to tell me the year it was manufactured! I would love to find out their age as well in the near future.

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FN manufactured very few pre-war pistols with fixed sights.Seems like machining and quality are going downhill. I have seen the same thing with Glocks on the range. I checked with my cousin and he said that they have not made the B2000 for years and years. Most early Browning serial numbers contained no date or model information and can not be dated using this system. Somebody with a .40 cal Glock picks up a 9mm round from one of his range neighbors. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1958 to 1968 - The last digit of the year was used. Asides from pre-war serial numbers, these can always easily be identified by the fact that the frames are always slotted for shoulder stocks. Serial numbers and contract numbers: FN maintained serial numbers for commercial pistols, military and LE guns were typically made on order.

If a customer requested it, guns were marked with contract numbers (example 1-500) instead of the standard serial number.Both stocks are also in good condition with the 1959 model being the pick of them.