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08-Jan-2021 11:38

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(e=t);var r=o(e);return! During the years of German division between 19, Bonn was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.That’s why several federal ministries still have their headquarters here.Bonn’s most famous son is the composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born here in 1770.His statue at the Münsterplatz watches over the daily life of Bonn’s residents.The city of Bonn is like a big family of very different children – famous artists, crazy Carnival lovers, international politicians and, in the midst of them all, about 43,600 students.

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Carnival is a major event which takes place every year in Bonn.

The Carnival days are sometimes referred to as the “fifth season of the year” culminating in six days in February or March.

Then get together with some friends and have a beer at the Alter Zoll!

With its large lawns and beautiful view of the Rhine, the Alter Zoll is an extremely popular place among students.

Right next to it, you’ll see the large minster, a Catholic church dating back to the Middle Ages.

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