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20-Jun-2020 22:26

“Because I have these wonderful children, an extended family I cherish, great economic success and homes – I have not worked for all of that just for sex.

The role of the Soviet Union in the struggle against Japan has received considerable attention from politicians and publicists as well as scholars, and the subject continues to hold great interest for a wider audience than is ordinarily available to the academician.

Twenty years into a relationship, we’re no longer sexually attracted.” Needless to say, the company is rarely far from controversy.

Mr Biderman has incurred the wrath of the Pope, with the Vatican sending a disapproving letter to Ashley Madison in opposition to its sponsorship of Rome’s basketball club Virtue Roma.

In an interview with The Telegraph last week during a visit to Japan – the fastest growing country in terms of membership – he reeled out a string of polished reasons as to why infidelity is the way of the modern world.

“Infidelity exists in every culture in the world,” said Mr Biderman, who refers to himself as the “Emperor of Infidelity”.

The site is particularly popular in recession-hit nations such as Spain, while affluent communities with large disposable incomes are also major players in the “infidelity economy”.

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Japan is another success story, with one million members joining within nine months of its launch last summer.That’s not to say that they don’t present a traditional face, as most societies do.But I think that if we had to measure the infidelity economy in Japan, it’s incredibly sizeable.” The reasons for soaring infidelity around the world are multiple, according to Mr Biderman.“There’s no place you can point to on the planet where there is no unfaithfulness.

“In the lifetime of a relationship, on the male side, close to 70 or 80 per cent of men are going to be unfaithful at some point or another in their marriages.

Have an affair” – the dating service is free for women but paying for men.