Dating clothes 40 s male men

21-Oct-2020 02:39

There's no need to go overboard when you go shopping; simply make it your default to go to straight leg jeans instead of the slim ones - and for god's sake don't buy stonewash rinses.

Also make sure you really invest in the details this decade.

If you haven't done so already, your 40th birthday is a great time to treat yourself to your first high-end watch - and by that we mean the sort that you can pass down to your son one day (see some superb examples in the GQ Watch Guide 2015).

That's one less thing to worry about.6) Don’t try too hard Yes, the irony is very much not lost on us here.

You can be cool dad comfortably navigating the yacht’s deck off the coast of Majorca, or sexy divorcee sauntering the pubs and restaurants of Soho in the summer.

These are dream settings for you and your loafers; set this newfound forties power free.

That being said, there is a tendency with men around this age to burn up in a flaming fashion wreckage, more commonly known as a mid-life crisis.

The ‘I’ve still got it’ ethos, tips the balance too far and you end up looking like a very bright, mis-matched plea for help.

And while you might not be able to bust out the full-on print shirts without looking a little try-hard, don't be afraid of deploying patterns in small bursts with your ties, pocket squares and scarves.