Dating corpses with hair analysis

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3Disclaimer: Oh how I wish I could call myself the Great Scottish Troll Steven Moffat, but then again... When Sherlock Holmes burst through the lab doors he was carrying a packet of crisps in one hand and a riding crop in the other."Molly," he said but paused when he saw her, head resting on her arms, slumped uncomfortably over the lab table.Now let's get home, it's been the most horrible day,""How?" he asked as they walked along the corridor."Body of a woman was brought in, half decomposed, oozing practically everywhere," she gave a disgusted noise, "took ages to put her back together.""That explains the slightly horrid smell," he noted."Oh, God you're joking," she lifted the sleeve of her jumper to take a whiff, "Christ, it is awful, isn't it?He prepared himself a little station with all the necessary supplies and began to go to work.

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He paused and took her hand as she was starting through the door, "Oh, and Molly,"She turned and he continued, "I missed you,"She grinned, "Good," she kissed him gently, "because I've missed you too.

I was so busy today with schoolwork, and it just snowed here so my friend and I did a photoshoot. I just wanted to also give a thanks to all the reviewers on my last story, particularly the anon "Miss King At Your Service" and "jessspider" - who practically yelled at me through review to keep writing.

:) I love you all and I cherish each of the reviews, you guys keep me writing.

Sherlock pulled the evidence bag from the pocket of his coat and set it on the lab table, a cut swath of stained and fraying fabric was wrapped up in the plastic.

He shrugged off his coat silently, removing his mobile from the pocket and crossed the lab to where Molly slept.She sighed a little and clicked out the lights, resigning to talk to him tomorrow as she slipped onto her side of the bed and rolled on her side to sleep. After almost 5 months of sleeping together every night, either at Baker Street or her flat, the six day abscence was a particularly difficult one.

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