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23-Apr-2020 16:47

There’s something very right about ham, wine, and cheese on a first date. Okay, you don’t entirely understand their job, but it sounds like the kind of thing you need a clean criminal record, and an IQ of over 160 to do.

We’re not talking five slices from Tesco and some mini Babybels, we’re talking Iberico and award-winning dairy. It’s time to be, or, at the very least, act, like an adult.

This is a killer cool date spot, especially if you grab a couple of seats at the bar.

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You’ve upped your Tinder distance to five miles, and all of sudden you’ve got someone from Stoke Newington coming to Bermondsey on a date.

There you are trying to act all lovable, when you realise that your date has spent the last half an hour solely focused on the floral chandelier and the truffle oil on their plate. That’s exactly why you don’t always want a showstopper of a restaurant for a first date.

And that’s the beauty of Cecconi’s Shoreditch, it’s a great spot without being too distracting.

You can hold a conversation with them over some food as well as a drink. Plus, you know every single holiday they’ve been on since 2014 thanks to Instagram.

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