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screened microbiota from infants against mouse and human Ig A.

A subset of samples bound Ig A in a way that indicated the presence of superantigens, which bind T cell receptors or B cell receptors outside of the typical antigen-binding region, leading to nonspecific activation.

The periodic nature of Earth's orbit around the Sun produces cycles of insolation reflected in climate records.

Conversely, these climate records can be used to infer changes in the dynamics of the Solar System, which is inherently chaotic and not always similarly periodic.

Small fragments cleaved from rhizobial t RNA molecules tap into the hosts' RNA interference machinery to silence key host genes.

Thus, both host and microbe shape the symbiotic environment.

The Mitsunobu reaction is widely used to invert the configuration of alcohols.

However, its major drawback is the need to activate the alcohol with a full equivalent of phosphine, thereby generating a phosphine oxide co-product.

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The authors suggest that commensal superantigens may be dominant forces behind Ig A production in humans.Barriers around the brain and spinal cord separate central from peripheral nervous systems, yet the two systems are interlinked.