Dating discussion for youth groups

19-Nov-2020 10:21

This game can be repeated several times by changing partners and increasing the number of changes made until a winner is declared. Three In Our Crowd Have group split off in groups of three and find three things in common (besides the obvious gender or hair/eye color) such as: favorite holiday, season of the year, hobby, phone app, movie, etc. Number Crunchers Divide into teams of 8-10, up to 20. Wizard beats Giant - Giant beats Elf - Elf beats Wizard" or "Spiderman beats Batman - Batman beats Superman - Superman beats Spiderman"?

One person then introduces the group and shares the three things they have in common. Students get in a circle and go around the circle trying to say "pterodactyl" without showing their teeth (putting lips over teeth like a person without their dentures in). Have students stand in order between two lines that are 18 inches apart. ) After the poses are decided, break students up into pairs or into two teams.

Icebreakers can ease everyone into interacting with each other and create some great memories..."Remember when we had to screech like Pterodactyls? Quick Change Artist Bring two people up to the front.

" In a youth group setting, that's a great way to start building the spiritual community your students are craving. Each player is to observe his or her partner's appearance.

The object is for person in the middle to catch two people switching and move into an empty spot, thus leaving another person in the middle to ask "Can I Come In? Frown King/Frown Queen Students pair up and stand back-to-back.

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While this is happening, other people in the circle use non-verbal communication to run and switch places (but no shimmying - which means trading places with the person next to you).

Then have students stand facing forward in the middle of the room with each side wall representing choice A or choice B. Students step toward the wall that corresponds with their answer. BINGO is your NAME-O Make a grid on a piece of cardstock with some fun categories written in each square: "Someone who likes ___ (band name)" or "Someone who has been on a mission trip," or "Someone who watches Netflix too much." Duplicate for everyone in your group and hand out pencils.

Encourage the group to mix, talk to everyone to try and complete their card.

Once that person catches the object, he picks someone else, shouts her name and tosses it to her, trying to go as quickly as possible.

Play continues with the one object until it makes it to everyone in the group.Take frozen t-shirts to youth group and divide into five teams.

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