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I say it was crazy because I had an infant, we both were barely sneaking in 6 hours of sleep a night, and I was running an online business. Suddenly, instead of having hours together to talk about our days, our lives, and what we wanted for our future, our pockets of conversation time were reserved for logistical matters: who's getting up with the baby tonight, who can pick up X ingredient from the store, how little sleep we got the night before, etc.We could see where things were going for our relationship, and it didn't look good. And my goodness, we are both SO thankful that we did.Not only did it nourish our marriage in a way that few other things have, but we've gotten some awesome creative date night ideas for married couples by trying them out on each other.Before we dive into this list, I want to talk about the importance of date night for married couples — both from my personal experience, and from the experts.If you have any questions, please contact the event directly from their website link.If you are the owner of this event and you would like to re-enable your listing, please contact us at [email protected] don't know of any upcoming events for Diva Dash.This was pretty much an awesome, memorable date day that had us exploring our local area while at the same time connecting over our love for learning about different cultures. Some places even have loosely set up culinary trails for people, such as South Lousiana's Boudin trail, or North Carolina's Moravian Trail, or exploring Pennsylvania's Amish German heritage.Ever wondered what to do on a date night…that's (Hint: these date nights were designed to take place completely at home.

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So, I researched a bunch of pit stops for us to make, and we put together our own culinary trail date. So, what exactly did we do on it, and how can you set up your own culinary trail date?

I just decided, since we had a volunteer babysitter, that we would spice things up even more by taking it out into the city of Houston!

)The date packet came with so much more – Holi Powder recipe, dinner recipes for two Indian dishes, iron transfer art for tee-shirts, a sexy Henna activity, a list of Bollywood movies to add to your Netflix queue, etc.

Also, use a combination of cultural centers, restaurants, and grocery stores to really take it all in.

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In fact, the lovely Dating Divas came up with a years’ worth of cultural dates, all laid out for you that would make a nice addition to the info below, OR substitute entirely if you’re in a particularly cultural-void area of the world.

Their Year of Dates: Around the World includes countries like India, Ireland, Egypt, Brazil, France, etc.:: Eating yummy foods :: Window-shopping products from other countries (this used to be one of my favorite things to do while living in Japan — you can learn a lot about a culture this way!