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reflecting the timeline of production only within each model.

This system allows for pretty precise estimates of production figures per model in this period: the highest (known) SN suffix of a model indicating the total number produced – summing up to an estimated total of 2160 units.

Understanding Epiphone's SN systems – number ranges assigned to model batches 4. SNs of Epiphone amplifiers Notes Bibliography Epiphone's stringed instruments of the 1931–1956 period typically show a visible serial number – high-end models the same way as lower-priced instruments.

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The documented SNs start around SN 25 and end with SN 7219.

Note: Theoretically, such SN gaps may include a small batch of a third model.

Note: These extrapolated totals in the right column of Fig.

Therefore I don't present total production estimates for pre-war electric instruments at this stage of my research.

When electric model production was relaunched in 1946, new ranges of SNs were applied to most models – with numbers consisting of a model-specific prefix (2–3 digits) and a serial suffix (3 digits, ascending consecutive numbers starting with 000): Unlike with the other SN systems, these new SN ranges were used concurrently, i.e.

An exception (and not included in this figure) is the Zephyr Hawaiian model which carried on where the pre-war SN system C had left off, starting around SN 7307 in 1946 and ending around SN 7908 in 1949 – approx. Note that it is uncertain if this SN range was shared with pre-war amplifiers (see note above).