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Bottom of fingerboard (part glued to maple) is arched. This transitions in with the smaller side dots becoming pearl after the larger 1/4" top dots become pearl.Gold Fender peghead decal thicker than previous "spaghetti" logo. Plastic white three layer pickguard replaces celluloid. Maple fingerboard optional (2 piece neck, no "skunk stripe").Piezoelectric (piezo, for short) pickups use crystals that pick up vibrations as well.However, piezo pickups are usually mounted under the saddles or bridge of your bass, and directly pick up the vibrations from the string’s contact with the saddle/bridge.This is the fundamental difference between the two types of pickups.Piezo pickups are commonly found on acoustic guitars and some higher-end basses.

Asymmetrical double cutaway body, contoured body on back and on lower bass bout (where forearm rests), 3 single coil pickups with exposed poles, jack angled into top, tremolo standard (but available without special order), 3 knobs (volume, tone, tone), gold plated parts optional till 1967.

Magnetic pickups lie just under the strings, and pick up the vibrations through the air.

Ideally, they should be set up so they do not make any contact with the strings.

A small aluminum sheilding plate is installed underneath the pickguard that covers the control cavity. Also available without tremolo (known as a "hardtail" model). Sunburst finish changed to three colors (red added).

Mid 1959 Statocaster : Slab Rosewood fingerboard with white "clay" position dots.

There are two main types of pickups: Magnetic and Piezoelectric.