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23-Oct-2020 05:29

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That’s where North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement agents working under the direction of the FBI eventually found the kidnapped girl—along with a 32-year-old probationer named Victor Yanez Arroyo.

The girl is now back with her family, but according to arrest documents, Jane Doe told authorities that “at the residence, Arroyo had non-consensual sex with her two times.” Arroyo was arrested and now faces a wave of state and federal charges.

It was from October 17, nearly a month before the abduction: [Jane Doe] I’m leaving [Other user] wat do u mean [Jane Doe] I’m leaving this Friday and I’m going to live with some guy [Other user] Oh =( [Jane Doe] I’m running away with him [Other user] Your just going 2 leave me like that [Jane Doe] It’s for the best babe [Other user] WAT BEST!!!

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(While the girl’s name was previously published in Baltimore local media, we’ll refer to her by the name used in recent court documents—Jane Doe—because of her age and because of the nature of the crime allegedly committed against her.) Over the next four days, the investigation of Jane Doe’s disappearance led to a ranch house on a cul-de-sac 340 miles away in Raleigh, North Carolina.And Baltimore County has filed for extradition of Arroyo to prosecute him on Maryland charges.