Dating fish in more plenty sea Free hobart sex chat

16-Mar-2020 23:34

My soul can’t take all those soulless encounters while I see how many minutes it takes for the ugliness to come out- the inappropriate question, the off-color joke, the picture I never wanted nor asked to receive.My tender heart can’t take all the people who act interested only to pull away when you’re real.I guess I just don’t give a damn about being another fisherman’s catch.What I’m looking for isn’t just another fish in the sea.I have to admit that it was disconcerting to realize that most of the men in my interactions still treat women like we’re here for their amusement rather than coming at us like fellow human beings and trying to make a real connection. Instead, what passes as dating now is when you download an app, swipe right on dozens of pretty faces, engage in meaningless chitchat ranging from small talk to heavy innuendo, exchange numbers, get your first dick pic, do a little sexting, and then meet for a random hookup. We’re not writing handwritten love notes when we can just send a text with all of the handy emojis. We’re honest on our dating profiles- with our photos and our lives.

I’m not the kind of woman to be benched and sit and wait patiently while you do your thing.

Someone who doesn’t understand flirtation, can’t hold a real conversation, and only acts genuine for a little while- until they reveal their true agenda.

There are plenty of fish in the sea- but none of them are for me.

It’s not another meaningless conversation that might lead to a date that might lead to sex that might lead to being ghosted when the interest fades.

I’m not looking to be someone’s one night stand or even the person who gets a text when you’re bored and don’t have anyone else dangling on the line. I decided that online dating can’t be for me, not even on the days when my loneliness is an itch I can’t even scratch.I didn’t enjoy Match with the hundreds of message sent to me by people I never even expressed the slightest interest in and/or whose profiles were in direct opposition to the things I’m very clear about looking for, and I went on more actual, legitimate dates with Tinder.

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