Dating for intelligent singles

21-Sep-2020 00:44

Sapio is currently available for i OS and Android, find out more about the app here.

Simon is the former editor of Global Dating Insights.

Sapio asks singles to answer a minimum of three questions (from a bank of 300) to help members share their “story” and give others a more rounded picture of them as a person.

On signing up, Sapio asks users to state their gender, what they are looking for and what their sexual orientation is.

The second way daters can connect on Sapio is in the app’s Questions tab.

Here, you are a shown a list of all the answers given by the Sapio community to every question you have answered. As the company says, this section is designed to: “Let you discover others through the stories they tell.

So far the app, which was founded by Kristin Tynski and wife Kelsey Liber, has received a total of 543,706 responses to its questions.Spring and summer are a great time for romance, and love is definitely in the air!

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