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06-Mar-2021 11:54

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Despite being a large community of sojourners making up 30% of the total international student population in Australia (End of Year Summary of International Student Enrolment Data, 2017), Chinese international students’ everyday social experience is severely under-studied.This thesis is a mini ethnographic archive informed by nineteen qualitative interviews and autoethnographic analysis about the marginalities and injustices Chinese international students face in their everyday negotiation of dating and intimacies.“Some of my friends have sex before they’re dating someone, but I don’t like that,” Peng said.“Borui’s my boyfriend and we’ve been together a long time, so I have sex with him. Many people think Chinese people don’t like sex, but that’s not the case.“Chinese parents’ traditional mindset is troublesome because they can’t distinguish between dating and getting married,” Kong said.“Parents think that whoever you date will 90 percent be your husband or wife.” In Japan, hookups are an integral part of the hustle of Tokyo’s nightlife.Indian students have noticed an increase in the use of dating apps to hookup in big cities where there is a dense population of young singles.

“Dating in India is getting very similar to the American style,” Agarwal said. Culture: Lunch n' Learn Series offers students a chance to learn about specific issues they will encounter and see in U. These workshops are open to all students and will include free lunch.Peng said this has helped Chinese people follow the more traditional route of committing to a long-term relationship.

The other reason why Chinese people prefer to date long-term instead of hooking up can be traced to strict parents with more traditional views.Xuening Kong, a master’s student in the history department, studies Asian history.