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In every generation there were many Jewish martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their belief in Judaism, many of whom died on the altar of Christianity, the Inquisition and the Crusades.Unlike us, Christians never believed in a G-d that is absolutely one.Whoever does not believe that Yeshu / Yeshua was a god in a crucified human body, denies the Messianic Jews’ first principle of faith, and can in no way be accepted as a Messianic Jew / Jew for Jesus.In stark contrast, the first article of Judaism is that G-d is one and the only one and has no human trappings, while the main article of faith of the Messianic Jews is that Yeshu is a god in a human body.

Later he impregnated a virgin named Mary, entered her womb and was born as a baby, and then grew up into a flesh and blood man as if he was a dybbuk that entered a body.Jews for Jesus / Messianic Jews often hide their Christian identity, as well as their principles of belief.