Dating for phds

17-Jul-2020 17:16

When it reaches the level of a Ph D, women are compared to Miejueshitai (old nuns who have acquired good kungfu skills but become cruel, fierce and ugly). Many men don't even want to see her photo when they hear about her awesome degree, let alone considering dating her."Although the country is getting more open-minded in many ways, the prejudice against women Ph Ds has not reduced."They have many more choices." The women Ph D holders who agreed to lower their requirements also had problems."Men want to lead a more light-spirited life, but that could be hard to achieve if they marry women Ph Ds," Yu said.

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Independent of their individual field of research, all Ph D candidates strive to achieve as much as possible during the years of their doctorate, to profit from the scientific profile of their respective MPI and to contribute to it, and to effectively plan their career.

Without looking attractive, how can they expect someone to fall in love with them?

" Unequal perceptions Zhou Meizhen, a woman scholar with the Shanghai Women Cadres College, has a different view.

When women are negligent about fashion, they are said to have lost their femininity, but people never say a man is not like a man if he doesn't pay careful attention to his appearance, Zhou said.

When women's traditional image is broken by women Ph Ds, society starts looking at them in a twisted way.

The situation turns out to be no better here, despite the city's image as China's biggest centre of avant-garde thought.

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