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Cantú dismisses the idea that Latino gay men are marginalized by an inherently homophobic Latino culture.

Rather, he and others argue that Latino gay men's access to economic resources plays a larger role than culture in influencing their experiences ().

The men in my study closely surveilled each others’ behaviors, often sanctioning their friends who behaved too femininely in public settings.

In addition, masculinity functioned as a prerequisite to determine which men were acceptable to date.

Although widespread across Latinos and non-Latinos alike, this belief problematically implies the existence of a monolithic “Latino masculinity” that negatively affects the lives of Latino gay men ().

As a result, numerous parties – mainstream gays, HIV/AIDS organizations and Latino gay men themselves – have blamed Latino “culture” for the oppression, isolation and high-risk behaviors that are associated with Latino gay men ( astutely critiqued such cultural explanations for masking the underlying structural factors (for example, race, class, legal status) that shape Latino gay men's lives.

On another level, this unequal division is maintained and reinforced on the note, masculinity and femininity are not practices that are, respectively, innate to men and women, despite the fact that most people conflate gender with biologically based sex differences.

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In contrast, Latino gay men who lack economic resources may feel the need to keep their sexuality hidden or “tacit” (understood, but not discussed) because they do not want to compromise the social and financial support that they receive from family members ( document Latino masculinities that reflect the “oppositional” cultural styles that US-born Latinos encounter as men of color living in the inner city.

In contrast, African American and Filipino males in the same school flaunted their masculinity through their clothing, grooming and ability to dance.