Dating gibson pickups

23-Dec-2020 00:28

I’m a pretty logical guy and logic doesn’t really come into play here. If you have a Gibson guitar and you don't know what it is, email me or bring it to the shop at 11 Railroad Street in Kent, CT.      This is the first of three major categories for late sixties Les Pauls. I've been collecting buying and selling ES 335/345/355 guitars for 20 years.I got my first one in 1966 when I was 14 years old. OK Guitars is located at 11 Railroad Street in Kent, CT.When you hear the blanket term "1968 Les Paul" in guitar nerd conversation, it generally refers to this era even though a good bit of these guitars were made in 1969.

      The Early Series are fantastic instruments with thoroughbred heritage to boot. They display decidedly 50's construction throughout and offer a great alternative to an older example.

My main player is a blonde 59 ES-345 with a couple of repaired holes and a new neck. I can have any 335 I want (one of the perks of being a dealer) or maybe a 59 mono 355. The simple but not too simple body bindings are appropriate for a guitar of the caliber.