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24-Jul-2020 17:54

But you’ve got to pull your socks up and not take it. This is where she might seem distant and moody after she sees or hears from him.

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Maybe she knows where he tends to eat and hangout and happens to show up there frequently. If your girlfriend feels she is obligated to be there for her ex-boyfriend, that’s seriously not a good sign.

Be careful here because you don’t deserve to be the rebound guy no matter how many years you have lusted over her.

If she is always talking about her ex, whether with her friends or just you, that’s not a good sign.

Other times, she means to hurt you and when that’s the case, you know she isn’t ready to give you all of her. If they are pissed with their current boyfriend, they will pull the “old boyfriend” card. What this is telling you is that she still isn’t over him, no matter what she says, and you need to accept this and deal with it.

Newsflash…If she was over her old beau, she sure as heck wouldn’t be hurting you this way. If any relationship is truly over, both people usually just stay away from each other.Truth be told, it’s very odd for couples to remain best friends, according to .

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