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20-May-2020 21:56

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A little thought on how a speaker operates will tell you that the cone produces a sound wave from both sides, and by the very nature of the speaker and its operation, these two sound waves are 180 degrees out of phase, which means that they will very effectively cancel each other.If the wavelength of the soundwave is short, [less than the radius of the speaker cone] cancellation will be markedly reduced, however in the case of bass tones which have soundwaves many feet long, no bass could be produced at all unless the speaker was enclosed in a suitable cabinet to provide significant separation of these two out-of-phase sound waves.Generally, the results obtained by doing this were excellent.Hammond tone cabinets could perform double-duty as a good quality PA system.The audio signal is always an alternating current, so as the current fluctuates in response to the power amplifier's output signal, the speaker cone faithfully reproduces the variations of the audio signal as mechanical motion, and the large surface area of the cone effectively generates a sound wave which is a replica of the audio AC signal.If there is even the slightest amount of 60Hz AC power ripple in the DC that is applied to the field coil, this would react with the voice coil and produce a slight 120 Hz hum in the audio output of the speaker.This is a "cut in half" diagram, thus the coils are shown as tiny circles, as though you sawed the coil down the middle and looked at the actual ends of the wires that make up the various coils in the speaker.The arrangement is such that the voice coil lies in the gap between the north and south magnet poles.

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Nevertheless, you can produce very powerful magnetic fields by applying DC to a coil wrapped around iron or steel bars, and many Hammond aficionados and preservationists will have new replacement cones installed in existing ED speakers.

Unfortunately, the converse of this was not always true.

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