Dating korean coins

18-Jun-2020 12:25

The owners also have a postal packaging business in the same location, which may indicate that they do not get enough business from their coin and banknote sales.

Just to the right (East) of Jae il Sa is another building with coin stores.

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This store has a wider selection of notes and coins than most of the other shops in the underground arcade.

At the top of the stairs on the third floor take a LEFT and go down the hallway to Sujipbank, and RIGHT to go to O-Seong.

You will see that the door to Sujipbank is slid shut (because they had the air conditioner on whenever I have visited), but just slide the door open and enter. Kim Jung-sik, and I had purchased many coins from him in the past.

There IS better availability of non-Korean coins and notes nowadays, but the main reason to visit Seoul´s coin stores is to shop for numismatic items, like key-date coins in slabs, rarer Bank of Korea mint sets, and proof versions of commemorative coins.

Mike counted 13 little shops in the Hoehyeon underground arcade, but the number of shops has also increased over the years: There are now 22 shops that sell some kind of coins or currency.I have purchased several mint sets and graded coins from Sujipbank, and I have to say that this is a great place to shop for coins in Seoul!