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02-Feb-2021 04:29

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(Last year’s event was keynoted by Barbara Brown Taylor and Rachel Held Evans, which didn’t make me feel out of my depth .

This June it will be Philip Yancey & Kathleen Norris: need I say more? Getting It Done: Because Writing Doesn’t Just Happen By Sarah Arthur Q1: What is that one thing you must start/finish/work on?

But this takes time–and it takes reading many voices, reading all the time.

Oh, and one slightly embarrassing side note: often when I edit, I read the manuscript out loud with a British accent. Amazing how intelligent your words can sound–and how obvious those moments of bad grammar can be–when it’s Hermione Granger saying them. Give yourself permission to pick the low-hanging fruit while it’s ripe.

Her point of view is very much that of a woman who grew up in an idyllic home.While it does offer good ideas for encouraging a compatible, mature relationship, I found it to be a bit simplified and really religious.That doesn’t mean there is nothing of value in it, but you have to pick and choose which parts can help you and which ones can’t.If you think of it as a “job,” budget your time and finances accordingly. Set aside designated writing time / make an appointment with yourself. In my family this takes serious heroics (dentist’s appointments and writing) especially regarding childcare, but we make it happen because it’s important. Since your friend is counting on you, you’re more likely to show up. Instead, give yourself word counts or page goals or sections, and don’t feel like you have to complete one thing before you can chronologically move on to the next thing. That way you can move material around, write non-chronologically, tackle the Acknowledgements if you’re stuck on something else (invent people to thank, if you have to), and not get hopelessly lost in endless word processing documents that are impossible to navigate. Frederick Buechner wrote for a season in a Sunday school classroom of a church.

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I once finished a manuscript by escaping to a friend’s guest house for a week.

The farmer doesn’t apologize when the strawberries are in, right?

If you want true mastery of the language, however, you will also eventually have to study (ancient Chinese), and that’s quite a bit more work.… continue reading »

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