Dating my zippo lighter

12-Mar-2021 13:10

It was decided to print a letter to indicate the actual month of manufacture with A = January, B = February etc.

The 1937 replica series introduced in in 1985 were the first lighters to carry the Roman Numerals and 1985 lighters are stamped with I, but no date letter.

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These were placed to the left of the word Zippo, which left the space to the right free.Early 1986 lighters of this series do have earlier date codes.This series continued until 2000 1986-2000 Dating guide In March 2000 the roman numerals were supplemented with the actual year of manufacture (2000) printed below the roman numeral (XVI).Zippo Canada opened in August 1949 and was the only place, other than Bradford, where Zippo lighters were produced.

Operations included the final set-up of the lighter case and insert, surface engraving, cleaning, repair clinic, Items such as packaging and instruction pamphlets, were all “Made in Canada” Dates and timelines about these changes, are VERY difficult to nail down to an exact date, but these are fairly close, based on written info by Zippo, as well as other collectors that have taken the time to share their knowledge with me.I have seen some earlier stamping 1954 zippo cases, with this later insert, showing that zippo was using up all the older cases during late 1954.

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