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05-Mar-2021 19:33

I thought, naively, that online dating is like seduction. First of all seduction in Norway is not simple at all for foreigners (see on this topic a previous blogpost: The Norwegian “Art” of Seduction). I would say it follows rules which are even more obscure than regular flirting in a bar, all in a language that I didn’t understand. The first thing you need to know about Norwegian online dating is that there are passions you absolutely need to have if you want men/women to be interested in you.

It is about seeing if there is attraction in a simple way (HA! Because in a bar you can get away with speaking English, not on where everything is in Norwegian, including the dozens of preliminary questions everyone needs to answer to activate their profile. First, you need to love something called “friluftsliv”. To illustrate your love of being outdoors, you absolutely need one or several pictures of you in a magnificent, natural and wild landscape.

After following the couple for nearly a kilometre, officers pulled the car over at a service station."We have taken away his driving licence because of the danger that he caused," Mr Hagen said.

Prosecutors will decide within the next week what his punishment will be, with police having filmed the incident to use as evidence against the driver.

Ernst Olav Botnen, Mons Bendixen, Trond Viggo Grøntvedt, Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair.

https:/021 Study participants The study included the responses of 641 students at NTNU between the ages of 19 and 29. About one in five of this group currently uses dating apps. are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to Eurek Alert!

When they were bored or had nothing else to do, they would take a look at Tinder to see who was there. "Men tend to report a desire for casual sex and short-term relationships as a reason for using dating apps.

On Tinder and similar apps you get pictures and information about potential partners. That's why men swipe right more often than women do," says Kennair.