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03-Nov-2020 18:58

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The sellers will try and lure you to coming to see them just as long as you bring some money with you.Then, in an elaborate web of false documentation and well-greased government individuals you will be quickly separated from your money and lucky to be allowed to leave the country.This story inspired me to write about several common gold scams that have been around for a while and should be avoided.But, even though they may be well documented, there is a sucker born every minute.As part of our royalty, we, the royal family is entitle to some % of the total gold mined in the Ashanti kingdom, in view of this, we have in stock 280kg of a Alluvial Gold Dust 22 Karats, we are looking for a serious buyer.

At the time I was a bit sceptical, but nevertheless, I agreed.

It just goes to show how even two intelligent men can be duped by what is such a common gold scam.