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Longines timers are still used in many sporting events, especially equestrian and gymnastics competitions.Longines produced some really beautiful sport chronograph watches in the 30's and 40's, using Longines own in-house movements.For a few years, Rolexes had two serial numbers engraved on them.Starting in 2008, Rolex stopped engraving the serial # at the case 6 o'clock location, using only the rehaut location.The Longines "Winged Hourglass" (actually a winged clepsydra for those who care about such things) is the oldest registered trademark for a watch company, having been registered in 1880. became the exclusive sales agent for Longines in 1880, starting a relationship that would last for 114 years. was sold by the Wittnauer family and renamed the Longines-Wittnauer Co., a name that became so linked in the minds of the public that most assume that Longines and Wittnauer watches are the same.The Winged Hourglass logo first appeared on Longines watches in about 1867. In fact, they produced distinctly different movements, though both are of similar excellent quality.On occasion, some of these random serials will start with letters like F which could confuse an unsuspecting appraiser of thinking the watch is older than it actually is.

Their watches are collectible, affordable and are often very reliable time-keepers.

Another advantage for the collector is that parts can usually be found to repair Longines watches.

At the time of this writing, Longines is part of the Swatch Group, the largest Swiss watch conglomerate.

Longines is also the official timer of the World Air Sports Federation, and has provided the timing equipment used to verify world aviation records, including Lindbergh's historic first non-stop solo crossing of the Atlantic.

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Aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart was also known to have worn a Longines watch, which is described Rolex with the exact serial number of your watch...don't expect a reply with an answer!