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Regulations drawn up by the Antwerp Joiners’ Guild stated ‘every joiner is from now on obliged to punch his mark on frames and panels made by him, on pain of a fine of three guilders’ What lurks behind a painting can often be as surprising as what is marked upon it.

Some will say that the picture is by an artist who didn’t paint it, or that the work represents somewhere or someone that it does not.

A name written on a work could be the artist’s, but it could also be their partner, a member of the family, an art dealer, or anyone else — there is any number of possibilities. Take time to assess the lining for possible signs of restoration Unlike the front of a piece, the back of a work will often allow you to see whether it’s been lined or not, with the lining being central to the work’s condition.

It basically means the piece has been damaged at some point and restored — to what extent requires further investigation.

Sometimes a work is lined because it’s had a lot of work done; sometimes, a lining is added just to stabilise the work, or in response to a very small amount of damage. It’s always possible to discover weird and wonderful things The reverse of a 16th-century oil painting showing the brand of the city of Antwerp — a pair of hands above a castle — indicating the work’s support was approved by a guild of panel-makers.

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